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Archive Warning: Major Character Death
Category: Gen
Fandom: Friends at the Table (podcast)
Characters: Samol (Friends at the Table), Samot (Friends at the Table), Samothes (Friends at the Table), Severea (Friends at the Table), Galenica (Friends at the Table)
Additional Tags: #ingenuity alive game jam, #time loop, #only technically not canon, #listen if they're gonna give me space to fill I'm gonna fill it with weird dice mechanics

Language: English
Stats:    Published: 2018-28-04    Words: 2953     Chapters:1/1

All the Times We Tried Again (& the One Time We Couldn't)



This game takes place in the margins of Marielda and Winter in Hieron, in the many failed versions of Hieron the gods rewound.   Designed for 3-6 players, but tested by just me, six hundred notecards, and Not Enough Dice.  Let me know how it goes!


12/07/2019: This is profoundly outdated both in terms of Hieron's actual canon and also my own personal game design sensibilities. But it's kind of fun as a relic of its time, so I'm going to leave it up with all its weird flaws and idiosyncrasies. You can tell it's old because one of the rules says "on a 3-4, nothing happens." Lord. People really do change, don't they?


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