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Spindlewheel is a tarot-like interpretive storytelling game where you use the cards as anchors to weave a story with your friends. Included in this collection are:

1-5 Players, 5-15 minutes
You are a detective, summoned to a crime scene to investigate a freshly discovered dead body.

1-2 Players, 30-60 minutes
You are a ghost on a train riding through the afterlife, but you have lost your ticket and forgotten your stop. 
Meet other people on the train; gather memories; decide which stop is yours.

2 Players, 30-60 minutes
The two of you were close once, but those days are behind you.  It’s time to settle your grudges for good.

1-2 Players, 30-60 minutes
You are a god, locked in the peak of a mountain.  You are its followers, scaling the mountain to free your god. 

Small Spindlewheel modules designed to be used within other systems or campaigns: 
Magical Objects, Prophecies, and Maps of varying sizes.

Get it on Roll20 here.

Get the legacy ashcan deck for free forever here.

If economic hardship prevents you from buying this game, send me an email at sasha@teacabbage.com and I will send you the pdf's, no questions asked.

UPDATE 8/19/2022: deck art fully overhauled and language tweaked.

UPDATE 1/12/2019: some language revised and rules tweaked.

UPDATE 11/23/2018: some language revised and rules tweaked.


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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is there any easy way to play this digitally? i think it looks very interesting but i dont know anyone to meet up with and play it physically

Tabletop Simulator on Steam :-)


In many ways, Spindlewheel is more of a scaffolding than a single game with a rigid set of rules—and this microgame compilation is a shining example of the breadth and depth that the scaffolding has to offer. The generators and maps offer an immediate and easy avenue for new players to learn the flexibility of the Spindlewheel deck, whereas more sophisticated spreads like Detective and The Mountain provide players the chance to exercise more lateral storytelling connections. The collaborative nature of these games makes them approachable for veterans and newcomers alike.


Played this at Narrative Games Northwest.
First Detective, then Meet Me In the Field of Honour At Dawn.
Both very interesting. It challenged my brain's creation power a lot.

For me, it seemed to work very well with character creation (as in early MMITFOHAD), and action or link creation was much harder (as in late MMITFOHAD or part of Detective). But I imagine I would become more proficient at ideating links/ctionss as I got more comfortable with the card-to-creation dynamic. It also may have been the "luck of the draw" as it were.

I'm glad this exists. I'd love to see more like this.